Hi there! Thanks for choosing us to care for your dog’s grooming needs. We take extra special care of every pooch that enters our salon and strive to make grooming a positive, happy experience for your pup. Please fill in the following details for our records system. Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions. There is a space at the end for any questions you may have. Thanks so much, Doggy Dooz + Dog Diversity Team x

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Please read Terms and Conditions below carefully. They are easy to read, written in plain language and outline the ways in which we care for your dog and in the case of something unexpected happeining, how we deal with that. If you have any questions please call us on 03 9687 0299.

Terms and conditions

Doggy Dooz / Dog Diversity prides itself on high quality service with the dog’s comfort being our key focus throughout the grooming procedure. The salon will groom and attend to dogs from start to finish enabling grooming to be completed in an optimal amount of time.  Where possible, your dog’s groom will be started as soon as you arrive. From time to time, dogs may be started later due to unforeseen circumstances. Our process ensures that all dogs are usually only with us for a maximum of 3 to 3.5 hours. If your groom will take longer we will advise you on arrival or call if any unforeseen complication slow our process


Before arrival:

Please toilet your dog before entering the salon. This makes for a much more comfortable groom for your dog. Please do not feed your dogs within three hours of a grooming appointment as the grooming process can be uncomfortable on a full stomach.


On arrival:

Arrive slightly early to toilet your dog prior to entry and fill in any forms.

All dogs should be either contained in carry compartments or on leads on arrival and pick-up. Although your dog may be well-behaved, we cannot guarantee all dogs you encounter have those same great qualities. 

Please tell reception staff if your dog has been feeling “out-of-sorts”, unwell or “not him/herself” in the past few days or if your dog is currently on any medication. Please also let us know if the dog is not allowed little treats as part of the process.


Special Needs dogs:

An elderly, young or a special needs dog may need extra groomer support (two groomers attending during grooming process).  We do this to ensure your dog is comfortable, safe and as relaxed as they can be during the grooming process. If this is the case, an extra charge may be incurred.  



A matted coat can be difficult for both the groomer and the dog. If your dog has matting the groomer will need to clip the matted hair. Matting is close to the skin and removing it can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. It is our policy to never cause a dog unnecessary discomfort or pain.  The matted hair can only be removed by clipping under the matting with a short blade. Where possible we will hide or blend the clipped section. We will not leave mats in your dog’s coat as this can cause more serious complications such as skin necrosis. All precautions will be taken; however, problems occasionally arise during or after grooming such as:

- Nicks

- Clipper rash / irritation

- Haematoma

- Physical stress

- Mental stress

In the best interest of your dog, we may need to obtain immediate veterinary treatment should it become necessary. We use Seddon Vet Hospital, next door at 144 Victoria St Seddon VI 3011.


 Unforeseen complications:

During or after the grooming process from time to time we may encounter complications (see listed below). Although we strive to always provide utmost care for your dog please be aware that things can go wrong when dealing with animals.

·         Allergies – Some dogs may react to products such as shampoos. Unfortunately, until your dog reacts we cannot prevent this. We will wash your dog in a medicated shampoo if this happens.

·         Clipper Rash – On rare occasions dogs may react to the clippers on their shin (when clipped very short). This rash will appear within 6-24 hours of the groom if you notice a red rash that your dog is licking please contact us immediately and let us know so that we can advise how to settle the discomfort. Usually PawPaw Ointment from the supermarket will clear this up very quickly.

·         Cuts and nicks – Although we take all care to not cut or nick your dog unfortunately it may happen, especially if your dog moves a lot when being groomed.

·         Panic Attacks – Unfortunately some dogs may react to the drying process by having a panic attack, usually the more senior dogs. Our high velocity dryers are loud and may cause your dog to have one. Our groomers are trained to deal with this and we will notify you if this happens

·         Aggression – Some dogs are very frightened by the grooming process and react with biting. We will need to muzzle your dog if it shows signs of aggression. We can help you and your dog reduce the fear by desensitizing it over time. Regular grooming (every 4-6 weeks) is extremely important for fearful dogs.

·         Nail Bleeds – When we cut the nails occasionally the vein (called ‘the quick’) has grown too long and we may nick it. Some dogs also sometimes take the thin membrane off when scratching or walking. If the nail starts to bleed after you have left the salon apply ice or corn flour. This will stop the bleeding very quickly

·         Falls – On rare occasions dogs the wriggle a lot on the table may fall off. We tether the dogs to the table to prevent this but occasionally they may slip the tether. Dogs are never left unattended on a table, tin the bath or during the drying process.

 If you have concerns of any of the above-mentioned complications, please do not hesitate to discuss this with our team. We will also advise you if we notice any changes in your dog’s health or behaviour.


For dogs that are extremely matted, an additional charge will be incurred. Great care needs to be taken to ensure a safe outcome for your dog.  The price of your dog’s groom is worked out once your dog has been physically assessed. Price is dependent on the condition of the coat, how long the coat is, the amount of knots and the type of grooming style you want for your dog. Dogs requiring SENSITIVE SHAMPOO (Aloveen, Malaseb, MediDerm, NutriDerm, PAW Sensitive ProGroom Dermal Care) will incur an extra cost. $5 for smaller dogs, $10 for larger dogs. You are welcome to bring in your own shampoo to avoid this cost, just ensure it is clearly labeled with your dog’s name and phone number.


Cancellations/Late Pick-ups:

24 hours notice is requested for appointment change or cancellation.  If sufficient notice is not received, a 50% charge will be incurred. 

To ensure efficient running and timing of appointments, a telephone call would be appreciated if running late for the arranged drop-off.  Any appointments not taken up within 15 minutes of the allocated time will be considered as cancelled and a 100% charge incurred at the next appointment.

As Doggy Dooz / Dog Diversity is a dog grooming salon, dog minding services are not available.  The maximum a dog may stay in the salon is three and half (3.5) hours.  Pick-up times will be advised at the time of drop off or, by arrangement, A phone call / text will be made to advise pickup time.  A late pick up fee of $20/hour will be charged.


It is recommended that your dog’s vaccinations be up-to-date. Puppies MUST have had their first three vaccinations before being allowed into the salon.