Your dog is important to us!

Because we care about your dog’s safety and well being, we want to assure you that every effort will be made to make your dog’s visit as pleasant as possible. Due to your dog’s severely tangled/ matted coat, they are at greater risk of injury, stress and trauma from the grooming process. All precautions will be taken; however, problems occasionally arise during or after grooming such as:

- Nicks

- Clipper rash / irritation

- Physical stress

- Mental stress

In the best interest of your dog, we request permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment should it become necessary. We use Seddon Vet Hospital, next door at 144 Victoria St Seddon VIC 3011.

Customer Declaration:

By signing this form, I understand and agree that additional grooming fees may apply due to the condition of my dog’s coat and/or the behaviour of my dog.

The groomer / reception is only able to provide an approximate quote on drop off.

I agree to pay the balance in full at time of collection.

I also understand that the first hour of grooming will be charged at $100 and then another $60 for each additional hour after ($1 a minute).

My dog may not be able to be clipped to the requested length of coat due to the compacted/matted hair and I understand the groomer may have to clip it to a short length.

I hereby grant permission to Dog Diversity Pty Ltd / Doggy Dooz to:

Obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet at my own expense. Also, realising that matted pets have a greater chance of injury during the grooming process, I will not hold Dog Diversity Pty Ltd (including Doggy Dooz)  responsible for accident or injury to my pet.

I agree to not to attack/criticize Dog Diversity Pty Ltd (including Doggy Dooz) or any of its employees, associate or partners publicly (forums, blogs, community groups or any social media)

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