Located in the heart of Seddon on Victoria St, Doggy Dooz has been keeping the pooches of Melbourne's Inner West looking gorgeous for 17 years.


Doggy Dooz offers professional and caring dog grooming.We cater for all breeds and temperaments and never sedate the animals.

We cater for dogs with sensitive skin and allergies and offer nail clipping and teeth cleaning services. We also offer advice on washing and grooming to all our client’s owners. All our groomers are professionally accredited, ensuring the best possible care of both your pooch and you.




(03) 9687 0299 or

0433 237 225



142 Victoria St          




M-F 9 am to 5 pm
Sat 8 am to 4 pm
Sun 9 am to 2 pm

Our Services

Doggy Dooz has been grooming and clipping dogs for 17 years in Seddon! Check out what our qualified staff can offer your pooch...


Bath - How about a freshen up to get rid of those doggy smells! Doggy Dooz offers all types of washes. Black, white, de-tangling, deep conditioning, sensitive, medicated and aromatherapy shampoos to name a few. Please ask our qualified staff for assistance in choosing your shampoo. As well as our fabulous shampoos, Doggy Dooz will eliminate unwanted dead coat with a range of professional tools and techniques.


Bath and Tidy - Need a little more than a freshen up and de-shed? A bath and tidy maybe just what your dogs needs. Your dog's nails will be trimmed, hair groomed, ears cleaned, sanitary areas clipped as well as a tidy on the face. This service is great as an in-between maintenance service.


Full clip - Doggy Dooz qualified and experienced staff are here to make your dog's groom enjoyable and stylish. Each dog is examined to ensure we can offer exactly what you are looking for. Hair condition permitting, we aim to please both Pooch and Owner.


Doggy Dooz will never put the dollar before the dog. Painful groom-outs are not an option for dogs with deep matting. Please talk to our staff to ensure your dog is on the right grooming regime.



Doggy Dooz stocks a comprehensive array of grooming tools and dog apparel. From shampoos to treats, leads and collars, toys and clothing. Pop in and check out our range. We also stock a range of high quality pet foods: dry, wet and frozen.



Doggy Dooz is open 7 days a week. The fastest and easiest way to book is to simply call us on (03) 9687 0299.

Alternatively, use the form below and we will follow up with you shortly.

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DIY Dog Grooming

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Puppy School 2018

If you have acquired a new furry family member recently and want to get that pup off on the right paw then Puppy School is for you! A well-adjusted pup becomes a well-behaved dog and makes for a more enjoyable life-long companion, Why not bring out the best in your pooch from a very early age? Click here for all the details about Puppy School at Dog Diversity.